Zum-Zum S60 (5th Edition) 1.32.1

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Lose yourself in this Zuma-style puzzle game


  • Fun, addictive gameplay
  • 35 levels
  • Two game modes
  • Attractive graphics


  • Requires a data connection
  • Not at all original

Very good

If you're a fan of Zuma-style puzzle games, then Zum-Zum is definitely worth installing on your Symbian phone.

For those who aren't aware of Zuma, it's a puzzle classic that's spawned a multitude of clones on various platforms, including the likes of Bonsai Blast and Puzzloop. The object of Zum-Zum is the same as the original Zuma - to stop the snaking chain of colored marbles reaching the end of the path. You do this by firing colored balls at the chain from a launcher on the side of the screen. Make a line of three and the balls will disappear, moving the chain backwards. Zum-Zum also includes lots of power-ups such as fireballs, missiles and bombs, which can all help you succeed in your mission.

There are two different game modes in Zum-Zum. The first, Quest, includes 35 levels of increasing complexity and you need to solve one to progress to the next. Survival mode sees you try to hold the chain back for as long as you can. Both are great fun to play and highly addictive. Zum-Zum can be controlled using the touchscreen or keypad, according to your preference. The graphics and overall presentation of the game are very good.

This is a full, unrestricted version of Zum-Zum, but I should point out that it uses your data connection to serve you with ads, as part of the bargain. This shouldn't be a problem if you've got a flat rate internet contract but watch out if you pay by the Mb.

Zum-Zum brings nothing original to the table, but it is a polished recreation of an all-time classic puzzle game.

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